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Quite often the web development requires you to create the animated image. A licensed Image Ready from Photoshop to create an animation is not affordable for everyone. This service allows you to create an animated image based on the source image for free. If you want to create an animated gif image, you can transfer image files to gif, jpeg, jpg, png formats. The service will automatically convert the image to gif format and create an animated image. Maximum number of animation layers - 6 The maximum size of one image is unlimited. Specify the image and its display time in 1/100 seconds before loading the next one. That is, you should specify "100" to display for 1 second.

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When you need to create gif animation, you may find a lot of options for programs that should be downloaded to your computer. And then you should install and explore them. As a result, after a couple of hours, you get not only the desired animation but also a headache, red eyes and a bad mood. In the old days, when free online services could not provide high-quality services of the animation designer, there was no choice. But now everything has changed. At the moment, this page is an online application that does not just work without installation and registration, but also much more convenient than any stationary software. The Internet Gif animation allows network users to design their blogs, websites or pages in social networks beautifully. The only problem faced by users interested in animation is How to create gif animation with their own hands? If you want to create GIF animation with the help of the Internet, then it is enough to use a simple online service that is able to meet the needs of a fairly large number of users. Creating gif animation on the online designer takes place in three simple steps: Step 1. Upload pictures. You can simply drag and drop images into the browser or use the green "Upload images" button. Images can be uploaded in turn or all at once. Be sure to wait until all the images are loaded. Step 2. Set animation settings. In the top panel, you can see sliders and other options with which you can customize GIF animation. The order of the frames can be changed in the bottom panel, just thumbnails changing places with the mouse. Let's find out further details about each setting. Width. It specifies the width of the animation. You can change both moving the slider and entering a numeric value (click on the number). Height. It sets the height of the animation. Being similar to the width, this parameter can be controlled either by a slider or by entering numbers from the keyboard. Proportions. If there is a check mark in this field, the propriety mode is enabled. This means that the height of the image is always proportional to its width, i.e., when you change the width, the height will be adjusted automatically. The proportions are taken from the original dimensions of the largest loaded image. If you turn off the proportionality mode (uncheck), a separate height slider will appear, and each size parameter can be set individually. Reset everything. This restores the default settings, i.e., resets any changes you have made since you loaded the images into the designer. The positioning includes three modes: 1) "Center" mode - aligns each frame to the center. 2) "Do not position" mode - leaves each frame "as it is," i.e., the position comes from the upper left corner. 3) "Stretch" mode - stretches each frame to the full width and height of the animation. Speed. It sets the frame rate, simply put, the delay between them. The lowest value means the lowest shift speed. The parameter can be adjusted as a slider and entering values using the keyboard (the field is edited by clicking on the number). Maximum speed: 60. Changes in frame order. To change the order of the frames - just swap the thumbnails (in the bottom panel). i. e. take the miniature with the left mouse button and drag it to the desired location. Step 3. Download the finished animation. To do this, click on the green button "Download GIF" or just save the GIF via "Save as..." Creating GIF animations online is now easier.'

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We have carefully analyzed all the advantages and disadvantages of existing programs for creating gif animation and tried to make our designer more efficient and user-friendly. As a result, we have implemented the best ( in our opinion) the application interface that allows you to get started without a headache, as well as an innovative mechanism for changing the order of frames in the animation, thanks to which it has become much easier to create a GIF with the frames of the desired sequence. Due to the Ajax technology, you can create GIF animation without a page update. It speeds up the achievement of the task set before the application and eliminates unnecessary flickering pages, slow loading, etc. In fact, the service is a complete program for creating gif animation online, which is not inferior to its desktop counterparts. To make the video enjoyable, you need to think through the idea and scenario in advance. Determine which elements will remain static, and which will "come to life" and begin to carry out specific actions. Then you need to put the camera on a tripod and select the area of the composition that falls into the frame. Here there will be all the action of your animation. You should try to avoid camera shake as much as possible so that the series of frames after assembly looks identical and there is no unplanned "wiggle." It is better to control the camera remotely, after connecting it to a computer or laptop, as the slightest concussion appears even when you press the shutter button on the camera body. In 2019, no one needs to be convinced of the importance of visual content. According to Reuters, 84% of all Internet traffic this year will be video content. The same trend has long been observed in social networks: the number of short videos and mixed formats, including photos, text, video, and animation is growing before our eyes. Today, Facebook users share GIF-animation 2 times more often than static images. But if you draw banners and layouts of email newsletters for full-time designers, then it is a common thing. The production of video or animated gifs requires a different qualification, as well as additional time and financial costs.